7 Simple Conker Crafts for Children

Autumn means lots of leaves, acorns and conkers are waiting to be transformed into paintings, animals and cheeky little creatures. We’ve rounded up 7 brilliant conker crafts for children.

Wrap up warm, go for a walk with your little explorers, collect some conkers and enjoy making these lovely and easy autumn crafts.


1) Conker paint rolling

You will need:

A few conkers, lots of sheets of paper, paint in different colours and a washing up bowl


– Place a sheet of paper in the washing up bowl and squeeze in some paint in various colours.

– Throw in your conkers and get them rolling to create a painting.

Our tip: try out different colours and different sized conkers to make your paintings look even more interesting

painting conkers
Source: theimaginationtree.com

2) Conker spiders

You will need:

For each spider: a conker, a pair of googly eyes and four pipe cleaners

+ Glue and a small screwdriver to make a hole in the conker


– Make a hole in each conker

– Cut the pipe cleaners in half to create four “legs”.

– Thread the pipe cleaners through the hole to create legs.

– To finish, stick on the googly eyes – your conker spider is ready.

3) Conker snails

You will need:

A conker for each snail, modelling clay in different colours


– Roll the modelling clay to create snail’s body and shape the tentacles with your fingers

– Place the conker on top to create a shell

4) Conker pumpkins

conker pumpkin craft
Source : liveitloveitmakeit.com

You will need:

A few conkers

Orange paint (regular paint should be fine, but you can use acrylic paint for better coverage)

A green pipe cleaner cut into small pieces

PVA glue

Black marker


– Paint the conkers orange

– Stick a piece of pipe cleaner on the top of your “pumpkin” to create a stem.

– Draw a spooky face with a black marker – your conker pumpkins are ready for Halloween!

5) Conker monsters


conker crafts for children
Source: dzieciakiwdomu.pl

You will need:

A few conkers (don’t remove them from their cases – leave them a little open so that they look like an open mouth)

Googly eyes


It’s probably the easiest craft idea ever. Simply collect a couple of conkers (be careful as they are quite prickly) and add googly eyes – your monsters are ready!

6) Conker bats

conker bat DIY

You will need:

Two conkers for each bat (one bigger, one smaller)


A piece of black craft felt


Googly eyes


– Stick two conkers together with some glue

– Cut wings and ears from black felt and stick them to the conkers

– Add googly eyes. Your conker bats are ready!

7) Conker worm

conker crafts for children
Source: tinytrowels.co.uk

You will need:

Lots of conkers (as many as you want, depending on the length of your worm) Top tip: find one bigger conker to create your worm’s head

Googly eyes

A small screwdriver or a skewer to make holes in the conkers

A piece of string and a needle


– Make holes in the conkers and pull the string through them using a needle

– Tie a knot at each end

– Add googly eyes on the “head”. Top tip: stick your googly eyes on the non-shiny part of the conker – it holds better than the shiny part