5 Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Autumn is such a magical time of the year with lots of outdoor fun to be had. We’ve rounded up 5 brilliant outdoor activities for toddlers you can try out with your little ones this autumn.

With evenings and mornings starting to feel chilly, make sure you protect young explorers from tumbling temperatures with warm base layers and cosy waterproof coats before you embark on your great outdoor adventures.

1) Go apple picking

Apple picking at one of Britain’s many pick your own farms is one of the best autumn activities for toddlers. It is great family fun throughout October, but most farms will take visitors – small to tall – throughout the whole year. You can visit one of these orchards to pick your own apples. Your little ones will enjoy learning where their favourite foods come from and they can sample all the yummy fruits of the season.

British apples

2) Visit a pumpkin patch

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to carve the spookiest pumpkin with your little ones! Picking and carving the biggest pumpkin you can find is a brilliant autumn activity for your toddler. Make it an all-day fun outdoor adventure by visiting a pumpkin patch with the whole family. Pumpkin picking is a lovely way to spend an autumn day and there are so many pumpkin patches around the UK you can choose from, you’ll find one near you. Most will run super Halloween-themed activities such as face-painting and pumpkin carving.

pumkins patch

3) Conker fun

You can’t have autumn without conkers, so we had to include collecting conkers in our autumn activities for toddlers guide! Go for a lovely autumn walk with your little ones and entertain them by asking them to collect conkers. You can count how many you can find and teach your children about sizes and shapes. They can help you find the biggest and smallest conkers, the wonkiest or the most round one, the one with the softest surface (and anything else you can think of). Once you have collected enough, you can turn them into lovely crafts or give to bigger siblings so they can play conker fights with them.

4) Acorn sensory bin

Autumn is the perfect time to teach your toddler about nature and the life cycle of trees. Collecting acorns on your autumn family walks is the perfect autumn activity for toddlers. You can tell your little explorers all about the life of an oak tree and, if you’re lucky, you can observe squirrels collecting acorns too. Once you have collected enough, put them into a plastic container or wooden box. You can ask your toddler to sort them by size and colour, find which ones have their ‘hats’ on and which ones have lost them. You can add scoops and cups to the sensory bin, so the children can have fun pouring and scooping the acorns.

teachingmama.org sensory box

5) Autumn leaves nature crown

Autumn leaves are so beautiful with so many different seasonal shades of greens, yellows and reds. Step outside with your little adventurers and ask them to collect as many different coloured and shaped leaves as they can find. They can also pick up some flowers and other small nature items. Once you have your items, lay them out flat and prepare the base for the nature crown. Take a piece of craft paper folded into a band shape and add some double-sided tape on one side. Stick all your leaves and items on top of each other to decorate your crown and use the tape to secure and fasten. You can find our detailed instructions here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these outdoor autumn activities for toddlers. Let us know in the comments which ones you’ve tried out and do share your top tips on your favourite