5 Autumn Essentials For Active Children

Autumn showers and chilly mornings are upon us. The right kit is key to keep your children happy and warm when they’re out and about.

To embrace the new season, we’ve put together a handy list of autumn essentials for your little explorers. Get your autumn adventures started!

1) Warm and reliable coat

We can’t get enough of our warm and protective Explorer parka jacket. Super waterproof and breathable, it’s the ultimate children’s coat made to withstand the coldest autumn days. Made of a durable twill fabric, it’s also super cosy thanks to the snug Sherpa lining to hood and top half of body. Cold autumn days call for a reliable jacket and our new parka is on top of our autumn essentials list this year.

2) Waterproof jacket

Who says autumn, says sudden downpours and rainy days. Kit your children out for the rainy season with a protective kids’ waterproof jacket. Have a look at our bestselling Puddleflex jacket or our brand new, drizzle-defeating Rainy Day jackets. Designed for the rough and tumble of outdoor play, they will keep your adventurers dry and warm as they roam outdoors in the rain.

3) Puddle-proof wellies

We all know how rainy autumn can be and we can’t imagine storming into the new season without a pair of reliable, splash-proof wellies. What is autumn without jumping in puddles after all? Protect your children’s feet with our fun kids’ wellies. Their bright colours and prints will make a bold statement wherever your muddy pups go! Pair their wellies with our toasty socks to make them even more protective.

4) Protective base layers

Toasty thermals are a great way to start any outfit with when it’s chilly outside. Your active explorers can always remove the extra layers if they feel too hot. Even thin layers are super protective as they wick away moisture and keep out the cold air. Have a look at our fun and soft base layers, perfect to keep your children warm and dry on colder days.

5) Cosy accessories

Cold fingers, heads and necks equal no fun. Keep your children warm with a cosy hat, a pair of colourful and protective knitted mittens, a neck warmer or a toasty balaclava. Have a look at our super warm accessories, perfect to keep the cold wind at bay.