Adventure Awaits For Our Little Blue Balloon!

As you know, we’re serious about outdoor adventures, and apparently so is one of our balloons! Withstanding the elements of our seasons – wind, rain and sun, one Muddy Puddles balloon glided through the sky on a long journey from London to Scotland!

Caroline, a lovely resident in Argyle & Bute, discovered this lovely surprise near the beach front of her cottage and emailed us immediately. Lucky for us, she snapped a few photos.


We’re always happy to spread the Muddy mission of exploring the outdoors, even if the inspiration begins with one balloon.  Curious to know our little explorer’s next adventure?  Caroline has set off the plans, ‘I shall release the balloon so it can venture further up the Loch into the village of Arrochar!!!’

We can’t wait to see and hear what’s next. If you spot a little blue balloon, let us know!