7 Reasons to Love our Childrens Snowboots

Our new children’s snowboots are made for walking! We LOVE them and think they are looking super cool on the young muddy explorers who are already wearing them. Read on to discover the 7 reasons we think they are so great….

  1. Our snowdrift snowboots are also good for cold British days when pounding the pavements or walking down a muddy track. Their versatile design means they look good and work well in and out of the snow.
  2. We love the colours! In bright red or bright blue with a black vulcanised rubber foot they make every child wearing them look super stylish when they are out and about
  3. No doing laces required! Our chidlrens snowboots have been created with elasticated draw cord fastening which makes them quick to put in. It also prevents any faff of trying to tie a bow while wearing ski glove or with chilly fingers!
  4. They are extremely warm! All our snowboots have a removable, insulated inner lining with a Sherpa trim. This means that however cold it gets toes stay super warm
  5. The vulcanized rubber shell is completely waterproof which stops and melting snow or rain getting through
  6. Whatever we design we always want to ensure it is made to last. Our snowboots are no different. Made from robust materials that can withstand the wear and tear of energetic and adventurous children
  7. They have been to the test! We have been user testing these snowboots with some of our most adventurous family customers and so far we have had no complaints!

Having read this, how can you resist? With forecasts of El Nino sending a snowy winter our way (a white Christmas we hope!) then get ahead of the game and buy these now.

Ways to Wear Them:

We think our snowboots look super cute with our merino mix childrens ski socks so maybe add these in too. Not only do they look great together with the sweet cloud prints or bright stripes but by combining the socks and snowboots the extra insulation is extremely effective. The snowflurry socks are breathable and wick away moisture from the feet which means they are very comfortable to wear.

Then if you are really get ready for the cold take a quick look at our childrens ski jackets. Another versatile design which can be worn every day out and about but also packed with technical ski features, they look amazing! Customers current favourite is the red interstellar jacket but take a look and see which ones for you.

We would like to thank the lovely team at Mountain Mavericks and the wonderful Emma Donnelly for all these beautiful ski photos.