5 Signs Of Spring

The days are getting longer, the evenings are lighter and the temperatures are rising. Spring is well and truly here. Nature will be changing all around us! It’s now the time to start looking out for these tell-tale Spring signs…here are 5 for you and your explorers to look out for over the next few months.


  • Red Squirrels

You can spot our bushy tailed friends all year round, but these pesky little creatures tend to step outdoors more as the winter weather retreats. Perhaps these guys need some waterproofs of their own? Squirrel Scamp Suit?

Red squirrel with a hazelnut in his teeth

  • Bluebell Carpets

A spectacular spring sight… blue bells! You’ll see these glorious flowers from April into early May and are much loved by any outdoor enthusiast. They’re perfect for some lovely nature craft too, make sure you don’t miss this amazing spring spectacle!

Coton Manor Bluebell Wood Northamptonshire Northants

  • Spring Lambs

Newborn lambs are emerging on unsteady legs on farms all over the country! Around 300 new born lambs are born each year – birthdays must be busy in their families! On your next nature stroll, can you spot any little lambs out on their first adventures?


  • Golden Daffodils

When we think of spring we think of flowers. These bright yellow bulbs have already begun to burst into life. Did you know that daffodils are also called Lent Lillies? And is also the national flower of Wales?


  • Sports

Outdoor spaces are soon to be packed with sport! Which one takes your fancy? A spot of cricket? A bit of boating? A family game of rounder’s? Try out Geocaching! Some sea swimming? Or even a trip to Go Ape? These activities are all perfect ways to spend the day outdoors.

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