5 Reasons Our Children’s Packable Waterproofs Are So Great

We’ve caught up with Suky, our lovely buyer to talk about our packable waterproofs. If you’re looking for something to protect your explorers from the sudden downpours throughout the warmer months, these jackets and puddle suits will be perfect. Here’s why they are our staple year after year.

Not only am I the buyer here at Muddy Puddles, but I am also a mum to two boys, so I’m well versed in packing a bag with all the gear on a daily basis. I have my sons’ packable waterproofs permanently stashed in my rucksack on our days together.

Muddy Puddles Puddlepacs are super protective, waterproof and lightweight – perfect for the British summer and rainy days. I worked on our current Puddlepac collection, so of course I am a little biased in my love for them. Here are 5 reasons our packable waterproofs are so great.


1) They pack down into their own pocket

These lovely packable waterproofs are super handy as they pack into their own pocket and can be clipped to a bag, pushchair or belt, ready to grab in a sudden downpour. They’re perfect for family days out as they don’t take lots of space and come in handy in case of an unexpected rain without having to carry a waterproof with you or tie it round your children’s waist.

2) They are made from recycled fabric

This year, our Puddlepac collection was made using recycled fabric which means they’re good for you and for the planet. All our products are made to last, and we encourage our customers to hand down our waterproofs to younger siblings.

3) The prints are fun, bright and colourful

Our prints are bright, bold and always unisex which makes them stand out (good for locating a runaway toddler in the playground!).

puddlepac waterproofs

4) They are super waterproof and protective

Our packable waterproofs are super waterproof up to 5000mm. Plus, they are windproof and make a great extra layer for if it suddenly gets a little blustery or chilly. They are very lightweight – perfect for kids that don’t like wearing jackets (seemingly a lot of children have this issue).

5) Designed with children in mind

Every piece is designed to pack in its own pocket and then clip on to a belt loop, backpack or buggy, and handy to take on every adventure. The linings and inner fabrics we use are super soft and non-itchy so children are happy to put them on. We combine these essentials with secure yank proof zips to withstand lots of wear and tear, secure, protective hoods and a number of other handy details depending on the item. As usual, our packable waterproofs are unisex and designed to be handed down to smaller little explorers and we also offer a one-year quality guarantee on every piece.

packables from Muddy Puddles