10 Things To Do In The Snow

Our top 10 list of things to do outdoors in the snow with your children

If you’re looking for fun things to do in the snow with your children this winter, we’ve put together some great ideas for you! From catching snowflakes to making snow angels to taking a snowy family walk, here are 10 things to do in the snow that will keep your children busy and entertained when they’re playing outside in the snow.

Wrap up warm and enjoy your snowy adventures with our list of 10 things to do in the snow

  1. Go sledging

If you haven’t got a sledge, you can make one from some cardboard and a plastic bag and you and the children can be swooshing down the snowy hills in no time! So grab your little ones’ mittens and bobble hats, dress them in warm waterproof gear and snowboots, and go and enjoy some snowy fun.


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  1. Build a snowman

Roll some snowballs, big and small, and build a snowman with the children. Find stones for eyes, twigs for arms, and wrap him up warm with a hat and scarf! Let your children come up with their own creative ideas and have fun building their creations!

  1. Snowball fight

A family snowball fight combines exercise with spending time outdoors and endless fun! Divide into teams, take hide and start throwing. It’s important to wrap up little snow adventurers head-to-toe in extra warm layers so no chill can get in and stop the fun!

10 Things To Do In The Snow

  1. Make snow angels

Nothing more satisfying than running outside as soon as the snow has fallen and making the first snow angel in the fresh snow! You can make a whole snow angel family and see who can make the best one.


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  1. Make a bird feeder

Making a bird feeder is such a quick and easy craft activity for the winter, plus it teaches little explorers to look after our feathered friends. Take a look at our cake bird feeder recipe for some inspiration.

  1. Build a Fort

Use sand buckets, loaf pans, ice-cream boxes or moulds to make bricks and build a cool snow castle or a fort for the perfect hideout place. You can even try and make an igloo. You’ll need super warm and waterproof gloves for this one so little hands stay protected!

10 Things To Do In The Snow

  1. Look for animal footprints

Head out into the fresh snow and look for footprints. Try to guess the animal the footprints belong to. How many different animals, birds, cats, dogs or even squirrels can you spot? You can stomp through the snow and make your own footprints too!


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  1. Catch snowflakes

Big and little kids (grown-ups included) will equally enjoy standing outside in the snow watching it fall while trying to catch as many snowflakes as you can! Simply lean your head back, letting the snow hit your face and then attempt to catch snowflakes on your tongue.

  1. Make snow-pies

Borrow some pots and pans from your (mud)kitchen and use them to make snow-pies. Decorate with stones, leaves and flowers. You can use cake moulds and even paint the snow with water and food colouring to create colourful snow-cakes.

  1. Go on a snowy family walk

What better time than winter time to go on a family walk with the kids. Fresh snow transforms your surroundings into beautiful, magical places and makes your familiar trail seem extra exciting for the children. Make sure you wrap up your little adventurers very warm in toasty woolly socks and snowboots as little feet can get cold easily! For some inspiration take a look at our top 10 winter walks.


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