10 Things to Do Outdoors This Autumn

While we love remembering our summer holiday adventures, nothing beats wrapping up warm and heading outdoors in autumn.

We have rounded up our top 10 things to do outdoors this autumn. Wrap up warm, head outdoors and create some special new memories with the family.

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1. Play conkers

Children love conkers – always have and always will. There are so many tips and tricks you can use to make sure you are the winner. The best conkers to play with are uncracked, firm and symmetrical. A great way to test if a conker is strong or not is to float it in a bucket of water. If the conker sinks, it is dense inside and very strong. If it floats, it means part of its inside is hollow and it will be too weak to win.

2. Go apple picking

October is the perfect time for apple picking. The orchards are bursting with apples and you can enjoy a great family day out picking them. Little explorers will love helping out with their mini wheelbarrows and will learn a great deal about apple pressing.

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3. Fly a kite

Wind, wind, glorious wind! Autumn is the perfect season to fly kites. We’re sure your children will have lots of fun learning how to fly them! When picking a location, remember that the higher up you go, the better.

4. Paint pine cones

Collect lots of pine cones during your autumn family walks and get your little ones to paint them with different types of paint (even glitter). The final artwork can go into a bowl as an autumn table centrepiece.

5. Make acorn owls

Craft little acorn owls from fallen acorns using a little bit of paint, felt and your imagination. You can also combine acorns with pine cones and conkers using toothpicks to make different animal figures.

6. Jump into leaves

There is no better feeling than jumping into a freshly raked pile of crisp autumn leaves. It’s a win-win – your children can jump to their heart’s content and they can also get to work in the garden and help you rake the leaves.

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7. Make a bird feeder

Autumn means that there is less going around for our lovely bird neighbours to feed on so why not make a bird feeder. A good feeder will bring lots of different species of birds into your garden so your little birdwatchers can learn more about them.

8. Go on a leaf hunt

Autumn leaves come in so many different shapes, colours and sizes – you can have a little competition on how many different colours your children can find.

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9. Make mud paint

Who knew mud can be turned into paint? Simply add some water and liquid watercolour paint or food colouring to the mud. You can do this in the garden or outdoors but be sure you dress your children for getting messy!

10. Make mud pies

Simple and super fun, making mud pies is the ultimate autumn activity. All you need is mud and some stones, flowers or leaves for decoration and you’re all set. Do expect your little ones to get absolutely muddy in the process!

Outdoor Activity Ideas For Autumn